Want vs. Desire

The question isn’t: What do you want? The question is: If you truly want it, what are you willing to do to get it?


With the new year fast approaching, and the lists of resolutions being calculated and solidified, an important distinction must be made. Anyone can want something, and we all do. Both tangible and intangible – from houses, cars, electronics, travel and a new wardrobe to love, joy, peace, satisfaction and general happiness, there are always things to want. But there is a reason why so many of those resolutions never come to fruition – passively wanting something rarely gets us there.


Nothing of any real, lasting value in this life comes without patience, a consistent and diligent effort and some form of sacrifice. Our resources of time and energy, no matter how much we can muster, are limited. There will always be only twenty four hours in the day. In addition, we are all creatures of habit. Whether it’s spent on work or play – at the office, on the court or on the couch, we are typically unlikely to relinquish our routines. It’s no wonder that to try and make change is so difficult. Without trading something for that which we want, the math simply doesn’t work.


Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. So ask yourself this, “Do I really want it? Or would it just be nice to have?” If you are tired of falling short, of saying you wish you had results, it’s time to actively and pro-actively attack the situation. You can’t just say that you’ll try to give it your all. You need to make a crucial trade. If you want to lose weight, change the quantities and substance of what you eat. If you want to quit smoking, don’t take that coffee break. And if you’re too busy, give up TV time, at least for a while.


You can really have that which you desire. But it’s time to convert the potential energy of wanting into kinetic action. Period. Now go get ’em!

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