What is Coaching? I know that you know what a coach is. Hearing the word “coach,” probably makes you think of sports like baseball or football. Coaches are essential in creating and executing game plans, providing direction and accomplishing goals. So why not utilize one in your career and your life? Well you can! That’s what I do.


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“Why do I need a coach?”

Think of Tiger Woods. It’s undisputed that he is a tremendously talented golfer. When he was a kid he learned the game from his Dad, who served as his first coach. Now here he is, decades later, having won multiple championships. And guess what, he still works with a coach! In order to stay at the top of his game, he keeps working with someone who has an educated and trustworthy point of view outside himself. They can observe, evaluate and communicate a fresh perspective which brings added dimension to Tiger’s awareness. Together they can make big and small tweaks and ultimately improve his performance in order to arrive at the goal, which in Tiger’s case is to play great golf and win more championships.   Your championship is happiness and success. I can provide that outside point of view, help you with the tweaks, and keep you on track toward accomplishing your goals – no matter what they are!

“Why Ankerline?”

It’s simple. After over a decade of coaching, I have perfected the process of helping people. I am going to let you in on a little secret. You are the key to the process. You know yourself better than I do, and inside you lie the answers. But I certainly know how to ask the right questions to guide you to that solution.   Think of me as the ultimate software. Upload me onto your hard drive and I’ll get you operating at your peak performance. While I have worked with a variety of clients on a large range of issues, problems, situations and circumstances, I specialize in relationships.

There Are Four Major Work Areas:

1. EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: Parents, children, siblings, spouses, bosses, employees, co-workers, friends or any other people who play a role in your life. Friction and misunderstandings happen. I can navigate you through them.

2. INTERNAL RELATIONSHIP: This is the one that exists between you and yourself. Many people need guidance with this as it so often plays a vital role in the relationships with others. Some people keep sabotaging their own success and happiness, and yet they are either unaware that it is happening or they cannot figure out why. I can clarify what is working and what isn’t.

3. LACK OF RELATIONSHIPS: Especially these days, many people find that they are missing something special in their lives. Even if they manage to generate happiness and success for themselves, they often feel lonely. They would like a larger social circle. Sometimes it’s about making more friends, but most often it is the desire for a life partner. For some reason, either they have yet to find someone to share their life with, or they just keep picking the wrong someone and it keeps leading to their unhappiness. We can discuss what you’re looking for and how you can finally find it.

4. RELATIONSHIP TO SUBSTANCES AND SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS: Whether it is an addiction to – or dependence on – drugs, alcohol, sex/porn, shopping, gambling, video games, food, people or some other negatively repetitive behavior, there is a proper way to deal with it and regain control over oneself and one’s life.

I have also helped people get ahead in the workplace, get clarity on their behavioral patterns, put down the burdens of the past and generally find a brighter present and future. Whether the issue lies in your relationship to self, others, or both, whether something needs to be started, ended or clarified, I am your ideal source to examine, evaluate and guide you in your quest for happiness.

There is no doubt that together we can co-create a path to get you there!


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