Just a Few Words

If you are someone who has historically felt throughout your life that circumstances have been difficult or unfair, that something external or beyond yourself is to blame, or that you have been taken advantage of or victimized, they are your feelings. I am not here to change your mind or prove you right or wrong. But what I can say is two things – firstly, if you realize and believe that this is a consistent pattern, there is a reasonable chance that you might be playing a role in creating – or at least continuing – that dynamic, and we can examine that. Secondly, either way, at the moment it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you maximize your potential and lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. So remember this: Whether you think you will fail or succeed, whether you believe your life is wonderful or terrible, you are right either way. The point here is that it is your attitude and your perspective which are essential. They are the only things that you have real control over. Circumstances may be more difficult or less difficult but how you view them, and how you respond to them, is where you can have the most impact. Another crucial and related idea is this: You can choose your words and you can choose your actions, but the results of these are beyond you. Anyone who has tried to impose their will on the world, only to find frustrating results, knows what I mean. Once you choose what to say or do, and then say or do it, that’s it. Whatever follows is up to the other people in the equation and the physics of the universe. So, moving forward with the proper attitude and perspective is what is critical to a life of happiness and satisfaction. 


While we share the same human condition, we are all specifically unique beings with subjective viewpoints. If you convince yourself, or simply behave as if, you know all there is to know, and thus close yourself off to what else is out there, good luck. Not only will I not be able to assist you, most likely nobody else will be either, and you’ll risk missing out on a world of information, ideas and potential. Of course, you have the right to disagree with anything and anyone. Just remember that they have the same right to disagree with you as well. So instead, why not attempt to remain as open as possible, maybe even hopeful that you’ll find something new to learn from other sources. If it turns out that they’re narrow-minded, self-centered or just plain wrong, you can always move on. 


Here, I am not simply referring to paying your bills, voting in elections and taking care of your kids. While these are all important of course, what I am talking about is the idea of taking true ownership of yourself – accepting that you are the one person that creates your own successes and failures. Again, everything is a choice, and while there are a multitude of factors that must combine to produce a given result, it all starts with you. If you accept this and take true responsibility for yourself and your life, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.

There is a reason why I called this page Just a Few Words. I do not undervalue the power of discussion. It can provide absolutely crucial awareness. But no matter how much you say, or read, or even come to understand, nothing will ever accomplish more than actions. They are the real building blocks of growth and lasting change, and when self awareness meets productive action, it’s like splitting a potential-maximizing atom.

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