I would like to be very clear. I am not a Psychiatrist. I am not a Psychologist, Psychotherapist or LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). I do have formal training as a Life & Leadership Coach, and years of experience guiding clients through various issues and life circumstances, in service of supporting them to create the results they are after.

There are never guarantees in this kind of work. However, I can tell you openly, directly, and in no uncertain terms, that over the course of my career I have achieved very positive results for those clients who showed up in our sessions with honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to expand themselves and create possibility.

Sometimes it’s merely a matter of being too close to our own maps to see which way to go. Within that context, I think of myself as a tour guide with a flashlight that can illuminate a path which has always existed for you, but may have been just outside your field of view.

Ultimately the choices are always yours. It is my sincerest intention to support you by widening that field of view in service of you being able to choose powerfully.

Looking forward to shining the light for you,



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