Paramid of Possession

Originally envisioned as a diagrammable image (in the shape of a kind of upside down triangle) these seven elements are necessary for any person to live a happy, healthy, effective and satisfying life:


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MOTIVATION buy strattera online from canada drugs, an online canadian pharmacy that offers … for questions regarding pricing and availability of products from canada … , to act. It can come from inspiration, or the drive to seek out a positive or avoid a negative. It is the energy we all need to put our lives in proper motion.


SELF-ESTEEM, from positive choices. Everything in life is a choice, everything. Some are easier and clearer than others, but there are always options. By making the correct choices – especially the difficult choices – we build character, self worth and our relationship with ourselves.


OPEN-MINDEDNESS, to life’s manifestations. Once we are able to connect to ourselves, it is essential that we connect with the world around us and the other people in it. By staying open, we are able to observe and experience the wide range of offerings life brings – and most importantly, that it is shared. We are not alone. We all walk similar, intertwining paths together.


GRATITUDE, for all we have. Even when we are at our lowest, we have things for which to be thankful. Whether it’s the satisfaction from joy or the knowledge and growth from pain, every day presents us with gifts. We need to remember that while life can always be better, it can also always be worse. Challenges can be opportunities to practice proper perspective and appreciate what we have been given.


COMPASSION, for the world around us. When we are grateful for what we have, we become able to feel empathy for those who do not share our good fortune. Just as we would appreciate someone else’s support in our time of need, we should extend ourselves where possible to make the world a better place.


DESIRE, to repeat this positive cycle. Once we have built the other six elements into our lives, it is important to continue the process by increasing our awareness, developing greater motivation, generating even more self esteem, attempting further open-mindedness, remembering higher levels of gratitude and feeling even more compassion.


If we practice these mental, emotional and spiritual fundamentals, we soon learn that there is nothing we cannot achieve.

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