If we’re fortunate, we find the time and awareness to look around and realize that life holds good things in store for us. There’s wealth – of one kind or another, beauty, hope, adventure and other precious gems. But of course, our day to day routines and the constant consumerist messaging of “more, more, more,” can also leave us making comparisons to others, feeling “less than,” and wanting, well… more!


Much of what leads to deeper happiness these days requires a degree of change. Often times, we even know what we want – though we may wonder if we’ll ever get there. Some people take the requisite action and others just think about it, making empty promises to themselves about a future that always appears to remain at arm’s length. Wherever you are on this road to Self-Optimization is fine, you are perfect however you are. But should you desire to progress, there is a way to do so.


Due to the fundamentally physical, mental and emotional aspects of change, it can be tempting to put obstacles in one’s own way to not only avoid it, but make that avoidance palatable. Sometimes, it may be something seemingly significant – like waiting for the accumulation of a certain amount of time, money or other resources as the figurative switch to begin. In other instances, it may manifest as the procrastination of little things – like not cleaning off our cluttered desks, or doing that pile of weeks old laundry. As long as there’s something standing between you and change, it simply won’t happen.


Why one might avoid something, even when we believe we want it, is a great and meaty question. Safety, a sense of comfort, anger, resistance, fear – these are all possibilities, even likelihoods. However, today I’m going to suggest we put these answers aside in service of approaching change, happiness and progress from a different angle.


What if it’s not hard? Go with me on this. What if change is NOT difficult? What if it just IS?


What would that make possible? What would that allow? How might you shift your being? How might you approach change differently?


Though you should spend time getting curious about those questions for yourself, I assert that this point of view might lower your resistance. It might free you from the forces which have you put obstacles in your way. No obstacles, no resistance. Less fear, more progress.


Life will never not have it’s challenging circumstances, especially if we empower them that way. And there are factors beyond our control. But here’s the thing, life will never stop handing them to us. Never. There will always be an opportunity to give up or give in. If you want to stay still, I am sure that you will find a way.


But if you want to get motivated to get up and over your walls, remember – change just IS. Nothing more, nothing less.


Now choose from THERE.


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