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In the interest of having this experience be as comfortable, and run as smoothly as possible, here I would like to address a few areas where potential discord might occur. Before getting into specifics, I would just like to say that in general it is my sincerest desire to provide positive results. My goal is to support you, and even more importantly to support you in supporting yourself. This relationship can last as long or as short as you want, and while I will make recommendations, it is ultimately up to you how you will utilize this new instrument.


By entering your info and clicking Submit, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and consent to the provisions set forth below. This agreement is intended to gain clarity and to minimize, if not eliminate, potential friction that could impede our work together and this process. If you have questions, concerns and/or suggestions about how this agreement may be improved, I am always willing to listen.


I look forward to working with you.


Best regards,


  1. Session length: While longer sessions may be discussed, if not specified all sessions are assumed to run one functional hour.
  2. Payment: As for method, most clients have found my accepting of major credit cards to be most convenient. However, I am comfortable with accepting cash or checks as well. Clients are billed on the first of the month, for the upcoming month. If sessions begin more than a week into the new month, that month will be pro-rated with billing handled prior to the first session. Beginning in the next month, billing will occur on the first as stated above. You will be sent an invoice and, unless already paid, it will be due upon receipt.
  3. Cancellation policy: Once we have scheduled a session, you are holding my time and thus responsible for payment. While it will benefit both of us if you provide as much notice as possible, I respectfully require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule or receive a refund. If notice is given less than 24 hours in advance, I will give consideration toward reschedules only. This is left to my sole discretion but my intent is to honor all reasonable requests. If a reschedule request is honored, it will generally be within the same week (7 day period). While I will do my best to accommodate any and all appropriate rescheduling requests, if the desired change cannot be honored, you are still responsible for payment.
  4. Method/Location: The structure of this coaching relationship is based on communicating over the phone. Under most circumstances I will also honor requests to communicate via Skype or other internet based video conferencing system. Under certain circumstances, I have been asked to meet with clients in person including at their home, place of business or other location. Please know that this may involve additional expense due to additional effort and travel time. However, should this option interest you, I am certainly willing to discuss it further.
  5. Expectations: By entering your info below and clicking Submit, you acknowledge that you have read both the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy sections of, you understand them and you agree to proceed. In addition, you acknowledge that nothing in life – at least nothing of real, lasting value – comes without work, patience and some form of sacrifice. If you do not do the work, you cannot expect results.
  6. Confidentiality, Privacy Policy & Exceptions: All communication is kept strictly confidential. There are two exceptions to this overarching policy. If a referral is required to another source of guidance (i.e. Therapist) and/or if it is apparent that you might be a threat to the well being of yourself or others, I reserve the right to breach the Confidentiality Agreement. With regards to referrals, I will get your consent first. With regards to potential threats, consent will not be required.
  7. Completion: Either one of us has the right to complete this relationship at any time. However, if the completion is initiated by the client, I respectfully require a 30-Day/Four session notice. This is for two very important reasons: A) to be sure that you are making the choice from a responsible and empowered place – not just because of fear, circumstance or other form of internal resistance, and B) to properly set you up to succeed at whatever is next for you. If at the time of completion there are outstanding invoices, you are still responsible for payment.
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