The power of the cinema…

The beautiful thing about a good movie is that for the ninety to one hundred and twenty minutes that you are sitting in that darkened room, the filmmaker has your undivided attention. Every piece of information that transmits through your senses was a choice. What you see, what you hear and how you see and hear it has all been pored over by the Director, the Editor and often the Producers. From the writer’s choice of words to the framing of visual information by the Director and DP (Director of Photography) the story is told very specifically. Because all of this information is so highly controlled, so are the messages being sent. And the result is the potential for a mental and emotional disorientation from self. We suspend our egos and, for a brief while, forget who we are and the constructs of our lives. We float freely in another world, able to learn and process and form new opinions. It’s simply beautiful. The freeing nature of this experience can be very therapeutic and I know that, for me, when the lights come back on and I return to my life, it is always with fresh eyes and a renewed vigor.


Taking that newly found energy and perspective back into my life and relationships is what I find truly intoxicating about the movies!

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