Thanksgiving & Gratitude Revisited

In a moment when we feel life is good, there exists the possibility that we will feel gratitude. But in a moment when we feel gratitude, feeling that life is good becomes definite. In other words, happiness *might* lead to gratitude, but gratitude is *certain* to lead to happiness.


We all have a glass that has both water and air within it. And we all have the ability to perceive it as half full or half empty. Gratitude comes from the *choice* to focus on the water rather than the air – to see what is there, rather than what is not. There will always be that which we lack. But if we are aware of what we do have, and choose to appreciate it, our experience in that moment will become that of abundance.


It is of course possible to lose this appreciation, even in the moment which immediately follows. Living in that state of abundance is quite challenging. But just as two pieces of physical matter cannot occupy the same physical space at the same time, two emotional states cannot occupy the same heart and mind. So while life may challenge us to hold onto that good feeling, if we can get there – even for five minutes – we can at least temporarily enjoy the satisfaction from believing that we not only have enough, but that we have quite a lot.


Especially given the recent meteorologic events with hurricane Sandy, and all that has been lost and saved, I implore you to find the time to look around and appreciate all that you have. No matter how big or small your possessions are, if your life and health are among them, if for the most part your family and those close to you are alive and safe, you have enough to recognize that which you have.


Here’s wishing you a warm, safe and abundant holiday. I’m grateful for many things, including you.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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