Moving Still

Here’s another piece from ’97, this time composed in April. As college graduation was approaching, I found myself thinking about the balance between living in the moment and looking ahead toward what I hoped to accomplish. I believe that the search for this friction point is something that will always be one of the keys to happiness for us all.


Moving Still — 4.28.97


And then the Sun melted
like an ice cube on the horizon,
As the palette of the sky
began to fade,


While the water
that it shines on
Was enveloped in darkness
’til the following day.


The moon appeared and made the waves smile,
And so they danced with the wind for a while.


I forgot my name and lost my body,
took a deep breath and kept it held.
Memories of the past became erratic and shoddy,
as the present before me completely gelled.


Exhaling slowly, I felt transparent,
saturated with the gentle breeze of friendly night air.
Then, for a moment, I focused intently,
mentally bronzing this moment I share.


Cradled in the arms of that water world,
lies a potential unrealized by those strapped to shore.
As the tide begins to turn, our time floats in,
and we, like the water, must let out our roar.


So ho ho ho, raise your rum, and drink with me to what’s to come.


And one day when we’re old sea dogs,
we’ll link our ships, and share our tales.
But meanwhile, I can hear the ocean call,
let’s loosen our knots and set our sails.

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