Elevator of Circumstance

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We all find ourselves in circumstances that are difficult and frustrating and sometimes even seemingly hopeless. It’s as if we are in an elevator – a tight space, without windows, the doors are closed and the light may even flicker. But just when we are on the edge, when things appear most challenging, it is absolutely crucial to remember that there is an entire menu of buttons right at arm’s length.


It is on us to choose the right one and then, even more importantly, to reach out and push it. We can’t just sit there, hoping someone on another floor will push their button and that will somehow lead to our box coming above ground. If we do, we may stay put for a very long time. Other people push their buttons for their own reasons – not for ours – and for all we know, our elevator is in the back, near the freight entrance, and the store is closed for repairs.


In addition, we can’t afford to lose our cool, start to panic and try to pry open the doors. They’re heavy and we may do more harm than good. We must stay calm, anticipate the consequences of our actions and proceed wisely. Maybe we just want to get back up to the lobby so we can exit, get outside and move on. Or perhaps we need a higher floor where we can find the goods we came for. There are many levels in this life. If it turns out that we get off on the wrong one, we can always try again. And if we discover that we’re too short to reach the buttons or we can’t read the menu above the doors, which tell us where to find what we need, there is always the phone. Don’t be afraid to pick it up and call someone. That’s what it’s there for.


I promise that as challenging as it may be – within the drama of the moment – to put this plan into action, in the end it will always feel better than sitting around, trapped in a box.


Be patient, take appropriate action and soon you will find yourself with a much improved view!

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