Anticipate the Consequences of Your Actions

One of the most challenging aspects of a forward-thinking life is to walk the line between living in the moment and preparing for tomorrow. Our lives are filled with opportunities to make choices. Sometimes we choose to pull joy out of short term pleasures. But we also recognize that if we fail to plan for what’s to come, we may end up in a frustrated future looking back on what amounts to a mental picture book of nice memories.


The big question is, knowing that time will pass regardless of which way we decide to go, how will we feel when we stand in tomorrow looking back at today? Recognize that how we feel now about now may be quite different from how we will feel about now after some time passes. And since once this moment passes, it can never be changed, it’s in our best interest to do what we can to make the right choice. So imagine yourself in the near future looking back at now and try to predict how you will feel about the course you have taken. It’s quite possibly your best guide as to how to act in the present moment.

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