“I’ve known Corey Anker for over thirty years. No matter what the issue,┬áhe is always there to listen and provide excellent guidance. He really understands from his own past experiences and uses that wisdom to provide advice for anyone who needs him. Even doctors need advice sometimes. When I do, I know that I can always rely on Corey!”

-Dr. H.Z., Family Practitioner


“There have been so many times when I was at a crossroads and I spoke to Corey. Sometimes it’s a serious situation and other times I’ve just needed a bit of feedback. Every time we discuss something, he always makes so much sense. When Corey lays it all out, life appears easy and the path I should take is clear. It’s up to me whether I choose to follow it or not, but he helps me see options I would never realize are there.”

-J.B., Television Producer



“The amazing thing about Corey, other than that he is so easy to talk to, is that even with subjects where he isn’t an expert – like finance, which is my business – he can still provide insight. He always asks me the right questions. Then I provide the answers and we always get there.”

-K.B., Financial Advisor



“Whenever I reach out to Ankerline, I know that at the end of the conversation my problem may not be solved, but I will feel like I have the ability to go and solve it. I see the right course and I have the motivation to go take it.”

-J.G., Mom & Entrepreneur



“Take it from someone who practiced Psychiatry for ten years (before becoming a Dermatologist), and always put the emphasis on my patients’ demons. Corey focuses on helping you achieve your dreams and getting you to where you want to go. Suddenly your half empty glass is half full!”

-Dr. H.A., Cosmetic Dermatologist



“I am always amazed by Corey’s tremendous insight. He can access a situation from many different angles. I just present him with my ‘locks’ and he hands me the ‘keys.’ “

-M.A., Office Manager/CFO



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