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We can all agree that nobody’s perfect, right? So that means everyone – including you – has at least one area of life that can improve. Whether it’s physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, or a combination of these and others, we can all become better, happier people.


While it’s true that being imperfect is part of being human, suffering and struggling – especially over extended periods of time – don’t have to be. Whether it’s the little annoyances you wish went your way, or the larger challenges that have really held you back, isn’t it time you moved on from here to live a happier, more satisfying existence?



4th of 4



The first step in this journey of self-optimization is assessment.


There are four levels of awareness. Read the descriptions below. Where are you now? Where do you want to be?


LEVEL 1. – Floater – Unaware.


You’re out there, moving through your life. You have imperfections just like everyone else does. The problem is, you are totally unaware of them. Rather than making proactive choices, you reactively end up whichever way the wind blows. You are operating below your potential and you don’t even know it.


Solution: We need to raise your awareness.



LEVEL 2. – Ostrich – Semi-aware.


You have a measure of awareness that certain aspects of your life aren’t functioning properly, or at least not feeling right. The problem is, you don’t realize that there are real options to improve your state of thinking and living. We can restore your freedom of choice, and lift you to a higher, more satisfying path. You don’t have to stay trapped in the negative places.


Solution: We need to get you to lift your head up and see the solutions. They’re right in front of you!



LEVEL 3. – Glass Carrousel – Aware but afraid.


I don’t have to tell you. You know that something’s off and you know exactly what it is. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve known about this for quite a while, but have found yourself just going round and round. Amazingly, you even know that there are ways to improve your current state. You think about it, you talk about it with family and friends, you may have even planned to do something about it. The problem is right now you’re stuck, and you’re either unwilling or unable to take the necessary action to get where you want to go.


Solution: We need to get you motivated – to not only get on the path, but to advance along its track.



LEVEL 4. – Champion – Aware and courageous.


Congratulations! You’ve done it. Not only have you raised your awareness, you’ve specifically identified the areas that needed work, you’ve discovered that solutions exist and you have begun to take action and impact real change. You more than anyone know how important it is to maintain this healthy state. You know how deep the old patterns of behavior are and how easy it would be to revert back to the ways which led to unhappiness.


Solution: We need to keep you moving, learning and growing. Avoid complacency. There’s always room for additional improvement. Now that you have begun the journey, anything is possible!



No matter where you are – stuck at a lower level, or slowly progressing up onto a higher plain – I am certain that I can help you advance along this road of Self-Optimization.

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